When is the Best Time to Visit?

Every season offers something different and unique. In our opinion there is never a perfect time to travel. Every month is perfect and has its pros and cons.

Rates are highest when northern hemisphere travelers take time off during their summer break and want to explore Africa. This happens to coincide with the southern hemisphere winter in which animals are concentrated around permanent water sources and therefore easier to spot. Winter is a time of feasting for predators who are well camouflaged with the dry savanna and pounce on weak antelope whose food source of grass and leaves become increasingly sparser towards the end of summer. Day temperatures are pleasant but can be icy on night game drives. Guests have to huddle up to hot water bottles and blankets, but the air is crisp and one feels truly alive.

Summer brings with it rainfall and the world erupts into a sea of green grass. Trees sprout new leaves and antelope drop their young. Thunderstorms light up the horizon and their power is mesmerizing. Predators feed opportunistically on the new born antelope and animals are less concentrated as pools of water allow them to disperse. Days are hot but the evenings are cool.

If guests have traveled before in winter and loved their stay, we often encourage them to travel for a second time in summer so that they can experience an entirely different world.