Okavango Climate: Spring & Summer

Spring and summer months run from October to the end of March each year. The joy of visiting during this time of year is the feast of green landscapes and the endless blue skies. The emerald green world is utterly magnificent. Everywhere you look antelope are calving and the world appears lush and loving. Predator hunting opportunities abound with the birthing of young antelope. Trees and bushes sprout new leaves and wild flowers bloom. Barbel runs commence in October. The much anticipated thunderstorms arrive for the first time around mid-November, quenching the earth and bringing with it a new chapter of life. Thunderstorms carry on from December intermittently, gradually slowing down in frequency towards the end of March. Temperatures in October and mid-November, preceding the first rainfalls, tend to be the hottest, reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius in the day (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and 18 degrees Celsius at night (64 degrees Fahrenheit). Summer afternoon thunderstorms always offer a reprieve from the heat and create landscapes packed with vibrant colours and rainbows. A photographers dream.