Our access to inside, professional information makes for close-up, unrivalled predator sightings

An up-close encounter with a predator is an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. When a lion roars next to you, you feel the sound reverberating right through you. You will never feel so alive in your life. Your heart jumps into your mouth, every hair stands on end and your jaw drops in awe of the mighty power of Africa’s king of the jungle. Find yourself spellbound at the majestic beauty of a leopard, the elegance of a cheetah, the comical giggle of the hyena, the determination of the jackal and the team work of wild dog. And these are just to mention a tiny handful of the huge number of nature’s predators that never cease to amaze.

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The predator interactions at Mokolwane Film Camp will be unrivalled as the rangers work alongside the multiple award-winning and globally renown wildlife documentary film crew stationed in the area who will give invaluable information on sightings and jaw dropping insights on each animal’s individual story. For years the film crews have followed these predators, night and day which means they not only know each animal’s life story, but equally, the predators are now so used to humans that they carry on with their daily lives, barely noticing human presence. Film crews will also call in to camp and advise the rangers if action is taking place, how quickly they should come and from which direction they should approach sightings to minimize disruptions and optimize viewings.

The film crew will interact with the guests in the evenings should they want to find out more information on the history of each animal. Guests are also welcome to ask for photographic and filming tips from the professionals and may even be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the work in progress at the onsite editing suite.


Mokolwane Film Camp

Unrivalled game viewing of predators is exceptional at Mokolwane. Indeed this is the key reason why guests visit at Mokolwane Film Lodge.